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The ITEC Holistic Massage with Anatomy & Physiology Diploma course is a 9-month internationally certified course. ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) is the largest multi-disciplinary international examination board and is based in London, United Kingdom.  ITEC has been operating as an examination council since 1947 and their diplomas are considered to be one of the best professional qualifications in the complementary health field. Due to the rigid quality assurance and high standards underpinning the qualifications, successful attainment of an ITEC diploma enables graduates to gain employment all over the world.

The Holistic Massage Diploma course is a 9 month program which will be conducted in Dominica from January 2014 – September 2015 by Patricia Greenidge-Berry, the Principal of the ‘Personal Body Health Care Clinic and School Of Holistic Therapies’ (PBHCCSHT). Patricia will travel to Dominica on four occasions to offer 4-day training intensives and conduct the additional components of the course via online programming. The final exams are conducted by the ITEC board with a UK examiner coming to Dominica to supervise the examinations. [i]

The ‘Personal Body Health Care Clinic and School Of Holistic Therapies’ is the first ITEC accredited school in the Caribbean and are also registered as a Post-Secondary Tertiary Institution with the Ministry of Education, Barbados. The PBHCCSHT has gained a reputation as one of the most outstanding ITEC schools outside of the UK offering a wide range of courses at a high standard. Almost all of the students gain upper level distinction marks.

The ITEC diploma in ‘Holistic Massage with Anatomy and Physiology’ consists of over 500 hours of practical massage training, case studies, business ethics and professionalism and Anatomy and Physiology theory. The diploma is a complete qualification and also the foundation course for students to be eligible for any further training in the many other healing modalities offered by ITEC.

This course provides an enjoyable and lucrative career opportunity for participating individuals who can work as self-employed business owners or employed with the many hotels and guest houses in Dominica. The course also provides numerous benefits for the tourism industry, health sector and the economy.

For more information please contact course organiser Terri Henry at itecmassagecourse {at} onelovelivity {dot} com

Header Photo Credit: Celia Sorhaindo

[i] The ITEC examiner will attend exams for 10 or more students. If the group is less than 10 they will be required to sit the final exam in Barbados.


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